Fifth Grade Curriculum

Language Arts

The student will:

  • Read for meaning using a variety of skills
  • Compare and contrast a variety of genres
  • Understand parts of a story, including plot, character development, time/place setting
  • Read to create a response which includes specific details in a story
  • Share reading experiences with others
  • Use a variety of reference materials to enhance understanding/gain factual knowledge

The student will:

  • Write to convey meaning, using the writing process
  • Edit and revise writing for meaning as well as spelling, punctuation, grammar
  • Write for specific purposes, such as a business letter
  • Develop competency writing in a variety of genres, which may include fiction, non-fiction, and poetry
  • Use reference materials to write a report on a topic
  • Integrate technology to improve research, editing and word processing skills in the writing process

The student will:

  • Perform operations with whole numbers, mixed numbers, fractions, and decimals
  • Use problem solving to investigate and understand mathematical content
  • Use measurement to explore length, width, and volume
  • Study geometry to identify geometric figures, as well as to understand concepts of area, volume, and perimeter
  • Interpret and design a variety of graphs
  • Understand place value

Social Studies
The student will focus on the study of the Western Hemisphere with emphasis on:

  • Geographic, economic, social, and cultural understandings.
  • The United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as Central and South America Historical and political development of the Western Hemisphere including indigenous cultures, explorers and early settlers

The student will study the following concepts:

  • Earth's evolution through the study of the rock cycle, rocks, minerals, and fossils
  • Weather and erosion
  • Interrelationships of organ systems with emphasis on the skeletal and circulatory systems
  • Marine ecosystems including energy flow through food, vertebrates and invertebrates, survival, adaptation, and competition of living organisms
  • Use scientific process skills