First Grade Curriculum

Language Arts


The student will:

  • Identify upper/lower case letters
  • Read color, number, sight words
  • Demonstrate phonics skills-
    • Identify/use consonant sounds
    • Identify/use short & long vowel sounds
    • Identify/use blends (st, bl), digraphs (sh,th) and endings (ing,s)
  • Listen to gain information
  • Use strategies to gain meaning (semantic, pictures and phonics)
  • Identify story elements (events, characters, setting)
  • Predict and draw conclusions


The student will:

  • Create illustrations to correspond with written words
  • Write a complete sentence using appropriate spacing, capitalization and punctuation
  • Write 2-3 sentences on a single topic
  • Tell and write a sequenced piece (beginning, middle and end)
  • Use learned conventional spelling
  • Form and use upper and lower case manuscript letters appropriately (eg raBBit should be rabbit)

The student will:

  • Count forward by 1's,2's,5's and 10's to 100
  • Count backwards by 1's and 10's from 100
  • Write numerals to 100
  • Write/count tally marks
  • Identify equal parts/halves
  • Group objects by 1's and 10's
  • Add/subtract numbers with sums to 10
  • Add/subtract two-digit numbers with manipulatives
  • Construct appropriate equations to solve simple written math problems
  • Record and interpret information on a graph
  • Measure length, weight, and temperature
  • Tell time to the hour and half hour
  • Identify penny, nickel, dime and quarter
  • Demonstrate understanding of coin value and equivalence using pennies, nickels and dimes

Social Studies
The student will:

  • Demonstrate responsible behavior as a member of the school community
  • Compare and contrast various family, group and community traditions and holidays
  • Understand the importance of safety as it relates to home and school

The student will learn the following concepts:

  • Properties (characteristics of objects such as shape, size and color)
  • States of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
  • Life cycles (plants, animals)
  • Respect for our environment
  • Importance of healthy habits

The student will:

  • Observe, identify, classify and record different materials using appropriate tools