Kindergarten Curriculum

Language Arts

The student will:

  • Listen quietly and attentively for pleasure and instructions
  • Listen to, assess and evaluate information
  • Gather information from pictures and sounds, words, and numbers
  • Follow simple oral directions

The student will:

  • Think of self as writer, participate in the community of writers
  • Write to express his/her ideas
  • Understand the concept of letters, words and sentences
  • Dictate sentences or stories for an adult to write
  • Share own writingWrite first name in proper formation
  • Demonstrate knowledge about conventions of print by identifying letters, words, sentences
  • Express himself/herself orally in both formal and informal situations
  • Speak in complete sentences
  • Predict an outcome to a story
  • Retell a story event in a sequence

Phonological Awareness
The student will:

  • Name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • Make sound symbol associations
  • Recognize I, is, the, and to
  • Demonstrate ability to rhyme


Problem Solving Strategies
The student will:

  • Use objects to compare number and determine quantities of more or less
  • Understand beginning addition and subtraction

The student will:

  • Compare and order different things by size, length, etc.
  • Demonstrate awareness of large/small, hot/cold, etc.
  • Measure and compare using standard and non-standard units of measurement

Patterns, Relations and Functions
The student will:

  • Construct and interpret graphs
  • Sort by color, size or shape
  • Continue a simple pattern
  • Do estimations and mental mathematics
  • Compare sets of objects to determine more, less, same, etc.

The student will:

  • Recognize and state value of a penny
  • Demonstrate number sense
  • Count by rote to 50
  • Recognize numerals 0 through 10
  • Count backward from 10 to 0
  • Count objects (one to one correspondence)

Social Studies
The student will:

  • Understand self in relation to others
  • Understand the likenesses and differences among families
  • Learn about school and the school community
  • Explore their neighborhood
  • Study the symbol of our nation's holidays, flag, celebrations
  • Help one another

The student will:

  • Identify the parts of a plant
  • Identify which objects sink and float and draw conclusions about why objects sink/float
  • Learn about different types of weather and make observations about weather
  • Experiment with magnets
  • Study the five senses
  • Learn about taking care of self including important health habits, dental health and personal hygiene