Responsive Classroom

Responsive Classroom is a character education program being implemented at Chancellor Livingston School in grades K - 5. This program is an established "best practice" that is used in hundreds of school districts. The Responsive Classroom program at Chancellor Livingston School:

  • Supports a safe learning climate for pupils and adults, consistent with the school district's mission, vision and core beliefs
  • Establishes a common language of expectations for pupils' behavior that will be used by all staff
  • Helps to develop a positive social and emotional climate for pupils while integrating academics
  • Provides pupils with strategies for positive behavior and interaction with others
  • Builds responsibility for one's actions

Essential components of Responsive Classroom are:

  • Conducting a Morning Meeting in each classroom
  • Modeling of strategies by the adults in the school
  • Establishing rules for an emotionally and socially safe environment
  • Providing logical consequences for misbehavior

Implementing the learning skills associated with Responsive Classroom has taken some time. Professional development opportunities for Faculty members began in September 2007 and concluded mid-year 2009. Mr. King, CLS Principal, also was provided full training during Summer 2010. The next phase of training will be to provide all remaining staff members and bus drivers with a working knowledge of Responsive Classroom. In addition, we will be looking into opportunities for staff to continue their training with Responsive Classroom II. 

For detailed information on Responsive Classroom, you are encouraged to access the following website: In particular, the "About" and "Research on RC" sections may be of particular interest.

Questions about Responsive Classroom at Chancellor Livingston School may be directed to Mr. Brett King, CLS Building Principal email: [email protected]